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Worksite Specialist

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Worksite Specialist

Our client in the Insurance industry is looking for a Worksite Specialist to identify, open and maintain relationships with various stakeholders.


Key responsibilities 


1.     Identify and maintain worksites  


·        Stakeholder management and engagement both internally and externally. 

·        Business development and unearthing of new sales and business opportunities. 

·        Identify and facilitate up and cross-selling opportunities within the Group. 

·        Undertake appropriate planning for new and existing worksites. 

·        Co-ordinate and direct sales and market initiatives. 

·        Conduct market research and provide guidance in terms of current and future business opportunities. 

·        Ensure adherence to legislative requirements, and worksite processes, procedures and policies. 

·        Implement agreed initiatives to achieve production targets and deliverables. 

·        Acquisition of new worksites – guided by defined client profile and strategy. 

·        Manage and monitor activities at worksites. 

·        Implement retention initiatives at worksites. 

·        Quality and relationship management at worksites. 

·        Develop and implement sales strategy for each worksite. 

·        Implementation of retention strategies and service models. 

·        Resource allocation and management. 

·        Successful implementation of Key Account Management strategy.  

·        Full compliance to legislative requirements





·        3-5 years’ experience in the Insurance Sector or Financial Services Industry, preferably within the worksite marketing environment. 

·        Market and business development experience  

·        1 -2 years Sales management experience  

·        2 years Internal and External Client Networking 

·        2 years Key Account Management and Marketing experience. 

·        2 years Stakeholder management

·        RE 5

·        Matric  

·        3-year tertiary qualification (Business/Commercial/Management/Marketing)



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Posted 2020-06-30

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