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Supply Chain Consultant (Real Estate and Retail)

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Supply Chain Consultant

Our client in the Real Estate and Retail Industry is looking to hire a Supply Chain Consultant.


·         Assess the industry and product type, including demand from consumers, competitor review, supplier capabilities, capacities, and competencies in relation to Company future demand for that product type.

·         Works directly with suppliers to ensure the necessary supplier infrastructure is in place to execute the product plan.

·         Responsible for selecting local suppliers who will satisfy Company quality standards. Ensure that relevant suppliers have in place systems such as HACCP, GMP audits, trace ability procedures, stock recovery, stock recovery plans and effective customer complaint handling systems. This position provides technical support on Food safety at restaurant level.

·         Evaluates, analyses, and negotiates with suppliers to achieve most competitive prices for relevant core suppliers.

·         Plan and manage the guaranteed supply of specified product to the Company system by ensuring that suppliers have contingency plans in place, that there are capacity plans and product replacement plans. Further responsibilities include Distribution Centre liaison to ensure stock and service levels are maintained, product handling and standards such as productivity standards are set and maintained.

·         Utilizes Perseco logistic and packaging expertise to purchase the most effective food and packaging items within the Company system of approved suppliers.

·         Demonstrates a genuine understanding and need for internal and external parties to comply with the highest Company standards and is passionate about reinforcing them at every opportunity.

·         Ensure that efficient processes are in place at all stages to ensure products supplied to the system are processed, packaged, handled, and distributed at the lowest possible cost. Assist in compiling Pricing protocols and ensuring competitive advantage.


Product Development

·         Understands and interprets the marketing brief. Identifies the best supplier to deliver the product specification within budget.

·         Agrees quantities, timescales, and price indications with suppliers.

·         Provides suppliers with product schedule and delivery timelines.

·         Ensure suppliers meet Company quality standards.

·         Provides timely and accurate feedback into the cross functional working group on new product development activities.


·         Written communication, audits, action plans, correspondence etc must be kept in clearly and maintained in the purchasing admin files, as confidentiality is a critical component to the Purchasing/QA function.



Relationship Management:

·         Manages the business relationship with the relevant suppliers involved in the supply chain category.

·         Provide support to the Marketing Department on sourcing, production, storage and distribution of promotional material and marketing related materials.

·         Builds strong relationships and fosters teamwork among department, agencies, suppliers, and staff to achieve maximum performance.

·         Maintains open communication channels between Operations Department and Marketing Department.

·         Acts as a relationship partner with internal and external customers by establishing and building open lines of communication.

·         Fully understands and is able to share with relevant internal and external parties Company codes of practice in the area of purchasing e.g. Social Welfare Policy.

Financial Management:

·         Fully understands supplier cost structure and logistics costs. Can identify value added opportunities for Company as appropriate.

Crisis Management:

·         Identifies a way to manage a crisis without compromising food safety and food quality.

·         Ensures the supply to the restaurants is assured.

·         Coordinates with Marketing to identify most appropriate course of action and find alternative suppliers.

·         Develops contingency plans, including supplier sourcing alternatives to effectively manage crisis situations.


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Posted 2021-08-05

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