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Project Manager (Real Estate)

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Project Manager

Our client in the Real Estate industry is looking for a Project Manager to provide technical assistance and on-site supervision for complete development of company restaurants in an assigned territory, and in compliance with company policies, plans and specifications. He/she may also be responsible for the satisfactory completion of remodel activity in his/her assigned territory, depending on country organization and workload.  


Key responsibilities 

1.     Relationships

·        Promotes the development of outside consultants and contractors.

·        Maintains working relationships and is the construction resource for the system.

·        Cultivates and promotes positive working relationship with other departments, outside organizations, community groups and municipal authorities.

·        Communicates and implements corporate policies and procedures.

·        Ensure quality control standards for Construction (cost, time, conformity with specifications, etc.)


2.     Site Development Planning

·        Optimizes site development processes

·        Evaluates low-cost-best/value for all buildings, site and construction costs.

·        Responsible for managing the project budget.

·        Conduct site checks and needs analysis on requirements to build and open a restaurant.

·        Uses the building program guidelines to determine a building style and size a consult with the Design Department.

·        Assists the Real Estate Department to secure zoning and planning commission and / or council approvals.

·        Should obtain a Final Site Plan and update buildings plans and submit for permits. At this point, the General Contractors should be given tender sets of the project to obtain bids and prices from subcontractors.

·        Must assemble the contract package per corporate procedures. 

·        The Project Manager shall furnish the Construction Management with a letter of explanation.  

·        Once the contract package is finalized and approved by the Construction Manager, a ground break can occur of the site is released by the Real Estate Department.

·        Initiates and verifies purchase orders for materials and equipment furnished by the company.

·        Should visit the site at regular intervals to make inspection and guarantee that improvements are being made which meets plans and specifications. 

·        Must fill out the job inspection form to document pertinent data and to indicate the progress of construction after every job site visit.

·        Should assure that the HVAC installation is inspected by the respective consultant to assure compliance with standards.

·        Should contact the Operations to arrange a joint site visit. 

·        Also assure that the operator is deciding for installation of his buyouts in conjunction with the store opening date.

·        Is to confirm the final development cost of the project. On licensee stores this must be done within 7 days after opening.

·        Is responsible for approving all invoices for payment including proper forms, waiver of liens, change orders, for each job. 

·        The approval process is to be used for all invoices that are to be paid.

·        Is responsible to instruct Field Service to obtain the operator’s check to pay for the cost of the construction extras indicated in the Construction Agreement and any subsequent agreement two day prior to turnover of the building.

·        Is responsible for the co-ordination and installation of all ESSD related disciplines, specific to that single job. The Project Manger to monitor all costs and invoices approval.

·        Is responsible for determining when the building and site are acceptable for installation of the kitchen equipment and various other operator buyouts in accordance with the company standards. 

·        This decision should be made harmoniously with the operator and Operations people. The Project Manager shall make sure the contactor and subcontractors are making every effort to co-operatively work with the kitchen installer in making final electrical and plumbing connections.

·        Shall meet at the site with contractor, Operations people and the store operator within 14 days from opening, make inspection of building and site execute the formal snag- list (punch list) itemizing construction deficiencies which must be satisfactorily correct before acceptance of the project is complete. Corrections must be made within 30 calendar days from date the snag-list (punch list) is made to release final payment and retention.

·        Shall meet, eleven months after the store opens for business, at the site with the operator to make a structural and courtesy inspection. Latent and patent defect are in question here and not maintenance. Follow- up is essential.



·        Any relevant Construction/ Management Degree

·        Minimum 5+ years’ experience in Project Management and Development Management 

·        Must be able to do the following critical steps:

o   Correct plans, earthwork, building location and perimeter layout.

o   Footing, foundation and floor slab

o   Electrical and plumbing rough-ins

o   Wall construction and truss standards (if applicable)

o   Roofing, carpentry and curtain walls

o   HVAC, wall and floor tile, painting and site improvements


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