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Major Accounts Sales Executive (Office Automation)

Major Accounts Sales Executive
R8 000

Our client in the Office Automation is looking to hire Major Accounts Sales Executives.


Duties and Responsibilities:

·         Promote/sell/secure orders from existing and prospective customers through a relationship-based approach.

·         Demonstrate products and services to existing/potential customers and assist them in selecting the best solution suited to their needs.

·         Cross-sell all Document Excellence products and services, including software sales and telecommunication sales.

·         Establish, develop, and maintain business relationship with current and prospective customers and in the market segment to generate new business for the organization’s products & services.

·         Make telephone calls and in-person visits and presentations to existing and prospective customers.

·         Develop clear and effective written proposals/quotations for current and prospective customers

·         Expedite the resolution of the customer and complaints.

·         Plan and organize personal sales strategy by maximizing the return on time investment for the segment.

·         Input all information of existing and prospective customers on BPO.

·         Co-operate with sales and support colleagues to ensure that the team target is achieved and to maximize customer service.

·         To accurately and timeously complete and process all documentation and administration as specified, lack of which may be considered non-performance.

·         To maintain and develop a high level of Xerox and competitive product knowledge


Performance Criteria:

·         Minimum of 30 calls a day.

·         Minimum of 10 appointments per week

·         Minimum of 22 quotes per month

·         22 New CRM Cases/Opportunities per month

·         Every Major account to be contacted once a month

·         Every Major account to be visited once every 3 months

·         General BPO Completion

·         Monthly Sales Target as per your commission manual


Core Responsibilities:

·         Adhere to all protocols and maintain the highest ethical, moral and professional standards

·         Act responsibly to build your reputation in the company and enhance the reputation of the company and your colleagues

·         Maintain a Professional appearance.

·         Maintain a professional, courteous attitude

·         Ensure a pleasant, respectfully, and productive staff – management and staff – staff relationship.

·         Perform other related duties as direct by the company’s Managing Director or Manager.


Behavioral Competencies and Skills:

·         Selling skills

·         Negotiating skills

·         Ability to cope with rejection

·         Ability to function in Competitive Environment.

·         Accountability

·         Achievement Motivation

·         Adaptability

·         Customer-Centric

·         Detail-Oriented

·         Emotionally Intelligent

·         Manages Negotiation

·         Outgoing Person

·         Positive and Confident Attitude

·         Self-motivated 

·         Ability to communicate well (reading, writing, and speaking)

·         Ethical

·         Presentable

·         Detail orientated

·         Planning and organizing

·         Friendly and approachable

·         Telephone etiquette

·         Coping with Pressures & Setbacks

·         Deciding and Initiating Action

·         Manages Conflict

·         Problem Solver

Knowledge and Skills:

·         Computer literate

·         Selling skills

·         Presentation skills

·         Product Knowledge

·         Driver’s Licence and own car

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Posted 2023-09-05

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