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Industrial Engineer (Mining)

Industrial Engineer

Our client is looking hire an Industrial Engineer to fill in the vacant position they have in their institute.


·         The Employee will be mostly on the mining site and she/he must be open to growth


·         Degree in industrial engineering required.

·         No experience, fresh from University

·         Must have completed the degree in RECORD time

·         Critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

·         Strong communication and presentation skills.

·         Troubleshooting skills and attention to detail.

·         Documentation and organization skills.

·         Proficiency in MS Office


·         The person will be responsible for training our new clients on how to use the systems

·         She/He will have communicated with the clients regarding the date, time and where the training will take place

·         She/He must be aware that it will be our client’s responsibility to organise venue, and all the costs related to the training

Research and Development Support:

·         The product is still under Research & Development and improvement processes therefore the employee will be responsible for sorting and finding solutions for the complains from the clients regarding the product and platform

·         She/he will be in constant communication with our clients, therefore she/he must keep track of every complaint

·         She/He must find solution on how to improve the product and platform

·         Be able to cause analysis to improve any problem that our clients will be facing


·         She/He will be responsible in assigning responsibilities to different individuals within a project

·         She/He will make sure that every operation run smoothly. 

·         Since our product is still its developing phase, as problems emerge and new solution appear, she/he will need to update our system. 

·         She/he will be responsible in making sure our clients are trained properly and she/he needs to make sure that the training goes according to plan





·         Since their product is still its developing phase, as problems emerge and new solution appear, she/he will need to update our system

·         She/He will be responsible for updating the system every time there is an improvement


·         She/He will be responsible for managing documentation and preparing production reports

·         She/He will have to prepare reports on issues related to our product


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