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Hospital Manager (Health)

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Hospital Manager

Our client in the Health industry is looking to hire a Hospital Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities

·         Demonstrate leadership by conveying a strong sense of commitment to the Advanced values.

·         Provide strategic direction and leadership.

·         Develop strong relationships with staff components to ensure compatibility, co-operation, decision making and relevant skills.

·         Identify areas for change and new business opportunities

·         Develop a strategy for new development, specific to new doctors and specialists.

·         Locate potential doctors and specialists to fill theatre lists.

·         Analyse and improving relationships and identifying risks.

·         Multi skill performance of management all functionalities within the day hospital - including stock, general maintenance, administration, reporting, management reports, budget, financial report interpretation and relevant aspects around the management of a hospital.

·         Initiate and implement operational activities of the business unit aimed at delivering best patient 

·         experience; best outcomes; most cost effective; whilst ensuring that employees remain engaged.

·         Ensure best and safest patient care.

·         Work effectively and co-operatively with others to establish and maintain good working relationships that are mutually beneficial to the hospital.

·         Always display a professional attitude when working with stakeholders and staff.

·         Build sustainable relationships with doctors and external providers to improve and grow and sustain patient experience journey.

·         Represent Advanced Health and the hospital and attend networking and related events to grow business skills and knowledge.

·         Ensure proper engagement between central office and hospital and stakeholders.

·         Maintain active participation and ensuring motivated staff component.



·         Live the Advanced Health values and lead by example.

·         Develop a culture of inclusivity.

·         Create and maintain a positive environment to ensure all staff reach their full potential.

·         Ensure guidance through-out.

·         Provide timeous reporting to central office and professional on urgent matters and monthly reporting.


·         A relevant Nursing Degree or related qualification equivalent

·         Theatre skills, experience or qualification is compulsory for this position

·         Minimum 5 years’ experience in a senior management role in a theatre environment

·         Equipment and instrumentation knowledge

·         Understand people and dynamics around leadership.

·         Demonstrate ability to lead and be humble

·         Ability to present reporting in a professional environment

·         Minimum of 5 – 10 years theatre experience and understanding of all surgical disciplines, especially orthopedics

·         Ability to grow a business and build relationship

·         Strong and persuasive negotiating skills.

·         Resilience within a complex and challenging environment.

·         Sound hospital experience and knowledge is essential.

·         Good knowledge of the healthcare industry.

·         Excellent verbal and written communication skills.


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Posted 2021-07-28

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