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Junior CI Engineer (FMCG)

Pretoria/ cape Town
Junior CI Engineer (FMCG)

Our client in the FMCG Industry is looking to hire a Junior CI Engineer.


Duties and Responsibilities

·         Implement EMEA Lean Deployment Roadmap to bakeries and reporting its deployment progress to EMEA.

·         Organize and facilitate bakery trainings based on the EMEA Lean Deployment Roadmap

·         Complete and manage the Line Balancing Study in order to improve the bakery´s output 

·         Perform Root Cause Analysis with the bakery team and resolve problems,

·         Perform shop floor data collection and process wide loss and waste analysis. 

·         Profit Improvement project support through Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control (DMAIC) principles.

·         Support the implementation of 5-S order and discipline.

·         Find opportunities to implement Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED)

·         Lead and support teams in identifying appropriate problem-solving techniques (Fishbone Diagram, 5-why etc.)

·         Support the cultivation of organizational excellence.

·         Support cultural alignment with the values of the company.

·         Positive contribution to build a positive, engaged, and open culture.

·         Work with cross-functional teams to define and agree on CI objectives/priorities.

·         Develop and maintain effective internal and external communications to CI goals.

·         Support Food Safety System incorporated in the Continuous Improvement solutions provided.

·         Liaison between WCO 3rd party service provider and bakery to ensure execution of implementations.

·         Implement and manage GB Connected Program

·         Drive Care & Growth principles

·         Other duties as assigned.




·         Ability to build and maintain relationships with management and cross functional teams.

·         Solid understanding of how process formulations, process, and packaging work together to create product quality/cost. 

·         Integrity, dependability, and persistence

·         Analytical, pro-active, and personally accountable

·         Strong ability to take initiative and ensure implementation of required programmes.


·         A Tertiary qualification in Continuous Improvement, Industrial Engineering, or similar

·         Minimum of 2 years’ experience in a similar role

·         Solid knowledge of CI philosophies

·         Proficiency and familiarity with critical thinking and problem-solving skills

·         Excellent time and project management skills with ability to manage and prioritize multiple/concurrent projects.

·         Strong computer capabilities MS Office Programs

·         Proficient in the English language

·         Ability to operate in a multicultural environment.


To apply, use the link:

ATripleA Recruitment and Temps

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Posted 2023-03-08

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