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IT Solution Architect (Engineering)


Position: IT Solution Architect

Location: Sandton

Salary: R1 000 000 annually Neg

Key Responsibilities:

1. Designing and architecting high quality and complex supply chain planning software solutions

- Understand client requirements through workshops and discussions

- Research and development and analysis to evaluate alternative solution designs

- Design the optimum solution - Document the solution and communicate the benefits of the solution

- Obtain client agreement and buy-in

- Ability to build appropriate costing and pricing models

- Ability to demonstrate and quantify the business case


2. Leading project teams to successful completion of projects

- Ensure the quality of work delivered by the project team

- Provide direction and guidance for the work done by the project team

- Take accountability for the successful completion of the project

- Lead more than one project at a time


3. Being a domain expert in supply chain planning software solutions across multiple toolsets

- Keep up to date with latest developments and trends in supply chain planning software through study and literature research across multiple toolsets

- Provide innovation and new ideas for the solution design and delivery process

- Liaise and share knowledge with other experts in the field

- Ensure that key knowledge is disseminated to the rest of the team


4. Successful training, coaching and mentoring of junior and senior team members

- Provide a leadership role for junior and senior team members

- Assist with training for team members

- Play a coaching and mentorship role for both junior and senior team members


5. Proactively managing the client relationship

- Develop, maintain and nurture client relationships during solution design and delivery

- Ensure client buy-in of the solution


6. Identifying and opening up new business opportunities

- Identify and initiate new revenue opportunities with clients



Desired qualification:

• Appropriate degree such as B.Sc Industrial Engineering or equivalent tertiary qualification

• Relevant Post graduate qualification (E.g. Engineering Honors, Masters or MBA) would be beneficial but not mandatory


Related Experience:

• 6 – 10 years of experience in implementing supply chain planning software or consulting using supply chain software across multiple software toolsets. Typical software products include CAST, Optimiza, i2 Strategist, Just Enough, Llamasoft, JDA, Netstock, or similar. MRO domain

Core competencies:


• A passion for using software to solve supply chain planning problems

• Excellent knowledge and capability in the field of o Implementing supply chain planning software (either Inventory Management or Demand Planning software) o OR consulting using an appropriate Network modelling software tool. o MRO

• Excellent technical capability

• Excellent analytical skills

• Excellent problem solving skills

• Ability to coach and mentor behavioural

• Ability to take initiative

• Ability to handle pressure

• Ability to work alone or in teams Business related

• Professional

• Good communication skills

• Good people skills

• Good organizational skills

• Valid driver’s license and own vehicle


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Contact: AtripleA Recruitment and Temps


Posted 2023-11-16

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