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Temp Client Services Administrator

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Temp Client Services Administrator

Our client in the Insurance industry is looking for a Temp Client Services Administrator.


Key responsibilities 


1.     Render client services  


·        Adhere to client service procedures: maturities, policy contracts, loan applications, cancellations, amendments, financial and general enquiries 

·        Update client personal details and AIMS notes 

·        Provide correct and accurate advice to clients on products and services (TCF) 

·        Inform clients and update changes to their policy (TCF) 

·        Liaise with relevant departments to gather information to resolve clients’ queries

·        Maintain required business retention rate 

·        Handle all complaints and enquiries  

·        Escalate complaints to Office Manager and Complaints Handling Officer  

·        Follow complaints procedure  

·        Handle all incoming calls and walk-in clients


2.     Administrate loan requests 


·        Collate all documents required for loan application e.g. positive identification of client

·        Verify and ensure clients forms are completed correctly.   

·        Validate and pre-assess whether the client qualifies for a loan 

·        Make preliminary decision on the loan application and inform clients thereof  

·        Submit all required forms to Head Office for processing 

·        Update and make notes on system  

·        Follow up with Head office and update clients on application progress, outcome or until finalized  

·        Advise client on repayment terms of loan (TCF)


3.     Administrate Claims 


·        Verify claims documents as per standard procedure  

·        Assist clients with the completion of claim forms 

·        Submit all claims received to Head office  

·        Submit any outstanding documentation as per Head Office request   

·        Keep claims register up to date


4.     Advise clients on cancelations  

·        Advise the client of the process and disadvantages of cancelation  

·        Retain the policy by proposing different options (loan, partial surrender paid up) 

·        Inform relevant Sales Manager of the intended cancelation for retention 

·        As per client’s request follow the standard cancelation procedure  





5.     Administrate demutualization process 

·        Capture client information   

·        Inform clients of status of their shares  

·        Update client’s information on Aims systems  

·        Register and forward to Head office


6.     Office Administration 

·        Manage mail and fax  

·        Prepare statistical reports 

·        Assist with data capturing when required  

·        Encourage clients to complete the survey  


7.     Fit and Proper Requirements 

·        Adhere and comply to FSB board notice in terms of FAIS


8.     Documentation and filing procedures 

·        Keep record systems up to date  

·        File and keep documentation for a period as required by the legislation





·        Recognized Qualification as per the FSB  

·        RE 5 

·        Registration as an Employee Representative (FSB)

·        2 Years’ Experience in the Insurance Industry 

·        1 Year Client Services 

·        1 Years’ experience in: Category A, B, C and retail benefits (Advantage)

·        Matric



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Posted 2020-06-29

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