We give our absolute best to clients by ensuring 200% delivery; we go the extra mile. Our recruitment agency has a long and successful history with our clients based on knowing their industry, detailed understanding of the roles we assist with and never wasting our clients' time.

Our relationship goes beyond mere recruitment; we become an extension to the HR Department; we earn the loyalty of our clients..

Placement Stats For every 3 CVs submitted AtripleA Recruitment & Temps invariably obtains 2 interviews with 1 placement.
Our Recruitment Agency boasts a 70% successful placement rate on the specs we assist with.
Database We have a large relevant database (50 000 candidates) of which 80% are based in Gauteng and 20% other, 70% is Employment Equity and 10% is Temporary Staff.
Quality We don't waste a client's time with irrelevant CVs.  The CVs we submit are matched 100%.
Track Record of Success Our recruitment track record speaks for itself; specifically within our Specialised Recruitment Division - we are masters within these areas.
Specialised Recruitment AtripleA Recruitment & Temps' recruitment consultants specialize in the industries they serve; ensuring a more focused recruitment approach.
Service Service is a non-negotiable at AtripleA Recruitment & Temps and proven through our references. All clients have access to our MD's mobile contact number. We aim to offer a personalised recruitment service.
Client Referrals Majority of our clients have been secured through word of mouth.
Engineering & Construction Recruitment Masters We have an undeniable recruitment strength within the Engineering and Construction Sector.  We boast a large database of engineering and construction related talent. In recognition of our recruitment expertise we have been awarded sole rights in Africa by CDM, an international organisation.
Promoting your Employer Brand We make sure that we are in a position to discuss the projects the client has completed or is working on, company goals, financial performance, leadership, employee value proposition, career pathing criteria… to liaise with candidates knowledgeably.
Aligning needs of candidate with needs of employer We analyse what will appeal to a candidate by understanding them and what is important to them combined with what the employer can offer.  We align their values and needs. Candidates that we forward to clients want to work for that particular client and share their values.
First-to-Market Candidates We are well known in candidate circles for our highly developed referral scheme that offers financial incentives to candidates who refer other candidates that are placed.  We gain access to first-to-market through this initiative.

What our clients say

AtripleA Recruitment & Temps have provided us with excellent support in the areas of recruitment. Their work has been a major factor in our employment success recruiting candidates that really fulfil our needs and specified field.

Amanda Dean - Financial and Administrative Manager

AtripleA Recruitment & Temps have profiled various candidates for us. The job specifications varying from positions in the Building and Construction, Engineering, admin and other related fields. Their services have proved to be reliable and efficient.

Tim Jaffray - Human Capital: Recruitmen

AtripleA Recruitment & Temps provided us with excellent candidates. They have always given me honest and reliable feedback on my vacant positions and have advised on market related salaries. I would recommend Ferdi Landsberg and AtripleA Recruitment & Temps to any company seeking fast reliable service, feedback and high quality candidates.

Zelna Black, Admin & HR Manager

I would strongly recommend AtripleA Recruitment & Temps if you’re looking for common and uncommon talent as they have the ability of providing both despite the onerous time and (candidate) specification limitations that we’ve imposed on them. They work hard, are always responsive and are easy to work with

Peter Macy, Vice President

I can confirm that the Australia Awards for Africa initiative used the services of AtripleA Recruitment & Temps on a flexible basis, since the beginning of March to the middle of June 2012. The consultant was very helpful and friendly. Temporary staff brought in for assistance were diligent, friendly and quick learners. They were called back on a number of occasions to help out further. We look forward to a continued relationship with Ferdi Landsberg and his team

Liz Letebele, HR Manager